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To get a free quote, please email drawings and/or pictures to  Please be sure to include overall dimensions and specific color of the powder coating or painting.   Please note, all estimates are subject to physical inspection of the parts to be finished when they arrive at our facility.


Frequently asked Questions

What is your average turnaround time?

On average, we finish parts within two to three weeks. This may vary depending on workload/scheduling and is confirmed at the time an order is placed.

What is your oven size?

We can accommodate parts up to 12’6” long, 6’ high, and 6’ wide.

Do you have a minimum charge?

Yes, we have a minimum charge of $650 per color to cover setup and curing time.

Do you refinish patio furniture?

Yes, refinishing patio furniture requires sandblasting, preparation and powder coating. We request that all non-metal parts, such as plastic/rubber feet at the bottom of chair legs, be removed prior to sandblasting and finishing.

What do you charge for rims?

We do not do rims.

Do you do brake calipers?

We do not do brake calipers.

Do you do boat parts, like railings or T-Tops?

Yes, we finish boat parts as long as they are within our oven dimensions.

Do you do sandblasting?

We do sandblasting on small parts, approximately 3’ square. We work with a local sandblaster for larger parts.

What is your process for preparing parts to be powder coated?

All ferrous parts are prepared with a 5 Stage Iron Phosphate pretreatment before powder coating. Non-ferrous parts are treated with hi-pressure, hi-heat, and caustic soap wash, or cleaned by hand with Acetone.

Can you work with pallets?

Yes, we have a forklift and truck ramp.

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